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Date an asian girl

Date an asian girl for marriage and happiness

Date an asian girl

Top 5 Reasons on Why Date an Asian Girl

Some men would say that dating Asian women is one of the best things to do when you seek a romantic relationship or a long time partner. Why? Generally because, Asian women have distinguishing characteristics and feature that most men adore. As a result, many white men ended up marrying or dating Asian women.

You may have been thinking to date an Asian girl now. While most men consider themselves lucky when they date Asian women, the benefits of Asian women as dates can be diverse but subjective. So, seriously, why date an Asian girl?

Here are top five reasons why Asian girls make good dates and eventually, lifetime partners:

1. Asian women have unique features. Different women from different parts of Asia have distinguishing features that set them from other girls especially women from Western countries. Asian women are mixes of different races. Some of the Asian women have delicate features, and they look like porcelain dolls. Some have nice tanned complexion that most women envy. The almond-shaped eyes, small face and the petite body are some features that most Asian women boast.

2. Asian women cook. Finding a girl that can do household works especially cooking can be tough. Most Asian women are family-centered making them knowledgeable of household chores like cooking, cleaning and taking care of kids. These make Asian women perfect wives.

If the saying “the best way, to catch a man’s heart, is through his stomach” is true, Asian women have the edge among others. When you date Asian women, fast food eating is the least thing you will do. An Asian girl would surely cook for you. And their cooking is rich and flavorful giving you a delightful treat.

3. Asian women are caring. Since Asian women are family-centered, caring is one of the values that they have grown up with. Asian women can give you the pampering you need. They will show utmost care to you from the first day and throughout your lasting relationship.

Asian women are also sentimental, and they are very particular of dates and anniversaries. So you’ll be surprise getting thoughtful gifts and greetings every single time when you date an Asian girl, or you marry one.

4. Asian women are culture-bound. Asian women are rooted with their culture. You will be experiencing a treat of Asian customs and traditions when you date an Asian girl. They are very fond of introducing you to their locality and the life on the country they were born at.

5. Asian women are fun and intelligent. Asian women are fun-loving. They will be willing to take you to great scenic place in their countries or do great adventures with you. Most are also intelligent. They can communicate with you in English, and you will have a great time talking about different topics with them.

These are just five benefits of Asian women as dates. You will discover more once you get along with one. So go and pursue that Asian chick you’ve been eyeing, and you’ll surely have a wonderful time.

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Asian Girls

Asian Girls the benifits of dating and Courtship

Asian Girls


Regular Ideas about Asian girls
Men frequently have numerous assumptions about dating young girls of Asian descent. Some Men feel dating an Asian young women implies they will spare her from certain neediness and a life of hardship. Others think it is energizing to date somebody from a society that is so unique in relation to that in the West. Men see these young girls as expecting to be watched over and desperate to discover a Western man. Some men date Asian young girls in light of the fact that age is not as large of an issue and it is basic for young girls to date and wed much more established men. It is additionally normal for guys to prefer Asian girls in light of the fact that they are little, short in stature and typically weigh far not exactly their American partners. Regardless of what reason you decide to date Asian girls, simply comprehend that dating a women from Asia won’t be the same as dating a women from an alternate society.

As of late Korean girls are extremely popular, and for good reason. Probably they have the best bodies in Asia, surely. On top of that they have an incredible media machine making ability … and pushing it out to all corners of the globe over the recent years. The individuals who have experience dating Korean young girls regret the gap between the pictures put out through k-pop and the truth of dating in Korea, however. I discover it truly unexpected that Korea has figured out how to make media that interfaces with and energizes the masses in a manner that living in Korea … simply doesn’t.

1. They are FUN! to hang out with.
There are no girls that are more energetic and playful than Japanese girls. Even the hottest ones will make goofy adorable faces and amusing stances before a cam. Japanese girls love to joke around … and no topic is considered a taboo to make fun at. Of course, they may appear timid right away, however once they open up its chuckles and fooling around throughout the day.

This clearly implies that they truly know how to loosen up from the anxieties of everyday life. They likewise get into various kinds of pastimes and sub-cultures that keep them particular and your interest sparked.

2. Super Cute
Japanese girls have the adorable thing down to a craftsmanship. I know of no other nation where young girls can look so charming and cuddly thus sexually appealing all at the same time.

3. Super Caring
Your Japanese young girl will HAPPILY cook, clean, wash and fold your garments, do your dishes, and provide for you a back rub all at the same time! They’re astounding multi-taskers.

Joking aside, they truly want to satisfy their man, a drive that is getting somewhat phenomenal far and wide nowadays.

4. Astonishing Fashion
Hair, Nails, Makeup. Whatever your style, Japanese young girls have it. Need super attractive Asian girl in heels, tight skirts and loads of skin? They do that. Need the sweet, decent, take home to mother look? They can do that as well. Need blonde hair, and blue eyes? Yup, they even do that! Whatever it is you need, you can discover a Japanese girl to match your taste.
Asian girls even hang little charms from their lengthened finger nails! They want to dress well and look great at all times. … and they love to do it for you.

5. Sex
They like it, or pretend to love it until you figure out what truly pushes her buttons.
Japanese young girls are up for it, so long as the fellow they like also likes them back. A few gentlemen are turned off by their sexuality, or deficiency in that aspect, saying that they don’t have the porn star moves of western girls. But trust me when I tell you that they are ready to learn. Furthermore like in all different regions of life, they are content to “Ganbaru”, “attempt my best”, with all the excitement of a little child opening presents from Santa.

Numerous Western men choose to build a relationship with an Asian girl. Some even decide to get married to Asian Women. But what truly makes Asian girls so desirable and dating girls from Asia interesting?

– Asian girls are prestigious for their beauty. They definitely stand out amongst other young girls as far as appeal and gentility is concerned. Asian girls are desirable to be around due to their aura and identity.

– Asians understand are persistent and composed. Most Asian girls would never participate in a fight or an uproarious contention basically in light of the fact that this wouldn’t suit a genuine Women. They are taught to talk graciously, with a delicate manner of speaking.
Contending is simply not acceptable, alongside open criticism. This mild-mannered, peaceful and understanding nature of the Asian Girls is the sought characteristic that Asians strive towards.

– Asian girls are liberal and regularly caring and strong. The normal spirit of survival has united the Asians for quite a long time making generosity and loyalty towards family a long time respected custom.

– Asian girls believe in a one-guy one-women relationship.

Asians are brought up in a high respect for the holiness of marriage and think of it as a deep commitment. Some, truth be told numerous who wed these Asian beauties, swear they make the best wives on the planet – steadfast, cherishing and reliable to death.

– Asian girls put family first before cash. Faithfulness to the family is a custom that is normal for the Asian society. To the Asian, family will always remain a great priority. Asian young girls, whom many would consider as originating from a moderately poor nation, see the close cherishing bonds of their family as their riches. They are more eager to sacrifice profession than a family.

– Asians are astounding home attendants. Asian women liken domestic obligation with being a decent wife – their house is an extraordinary source of pride for them and they try their best to make a warm and loving environment for their family. For the Asian actually shouting at home would mean de-facing her home so you will most likely never discover an Asian women shouting or breaking dishes.

Obviously I have made a few speculations here yet essentially this ought to have addressed your inquiry why so many men would prefer an Asian women for dating. If you too decide to try it out and date an Asian women, I wish you fortunes – who knows, you may discover the women you’ve been looking for.

Dating tokyo girls

Dating tokyo girls

First things first, dating Tokyo girls is going to be a fun ride. Japanese women are normally associated with beauty, mystique, and a certain je ne sais quoi. Although Japanese women are usually modern, they are also in touch with their roots and their culture. So when dating Tokyo girls, do show some respect and common courtesy – even girls from other cultures appreciate this, after all! Dating Tokyo girls need not be a daunting prospect and it is very easy to do once a few things are considered. When meeting Tokyo girls in real life, be polite, and be straightforward in one’s desires. Dating Tokyo girls does not usually entail the usual dating process, after all. Many men get to meet and go on dating Tokyo girls in parties organized by friends or co-workers. If you ever get invited to a party or a gathering for dinner and are interested in dating Tokyo girls, do remember to ask for their name in Japanese and to smile earnestly. If you are interested in dating Tokyo girls, ask if she is available or is currently dating someone so that there is no confusion for both parties involved. Many Japanese women do not say outright that they have boyfriends unless asked because it could be considered as rude or impolite.

When dating Tokyo girls, there is no need for any special cologne or anything like that. Sincerity when it comes to dating Tokyo girls is all the perfume that is needed in order to actually have a go at dating Tokyo girls. It also doesn’t hurt to do a few courteous things like opening the door for her, pouring extra wine when her glass is empty and other minor things like that. Although this is not true for every woman when it comes to dating Tokyo girls, it still won’t hurt to be polite in the long haul. After all, dating Tokyo girls is a fun thing to do and one need not do an overhaul in one’s personality in order to be successful at it.

Dating tokyo girls

Date Japanese Singles

Date Japanese Singles

Many people have the misconception that when they want to date Japanese singles, they have to act a certain way or do a certain thing. But truly, in order to be successful and date Japanese singles, all is needed is to be yourself! The Japanese are an interesting people as a whole, what with their diverse culture and passion for living life to the fullest. Almost everybody nowadays wants to go to Japan and date Japanese singles but not everyone gets to actually date Japanese singles. So for the successful lot, how do they do it?

First of all, when one is interested to date Japanese singles, take into consideration certain things like respect. This trait is universally valued so we won’t have trouble understanding what respect really entails. For those of us who have successfully went on to date Japanese singles, the first thing to be accomplished was to learn a few Japanese words. To be able to date Japanese singles, communication is key. Unless one is already fluent in the Japanese language, it wouldn’t hurt to study a few Japanese lines wouldn’t it?

Date japanese singles

We all know that to date Japanese singles is to be initiated into a different world altogether. The Japanese are like any other group of people and to learn more about their culture is a fun ride. To date Japanese singles, all is needed to be done is to go on any social networking site or online dating websites in order to date Japanese singles. When all is said and done, all we really need whether we want to date Japanese girls or any other girl is to keep this mantra in mind: be yourself. Nobody wants to be around any fake person so if you want to consider a dating website, go put all the words that really describe you. We’ve all been there – we see a girl (or any single person for that matter!), we approach them, and we talk to them. What happens here is successful communication. But what if we want to date Japanese singles online? It’s very easy to date Japanese singles online, just make sure that the dating service provider is not a fraudulent one. Remember to really input all your likes and dislikes when prompted because it could mean the world between a date with a Japanese single or just a friendship with one. But who knows, right? Maybe, call it old fashioned, but a friendship before going on to date Japanese singles might just work more easily – and comfortably for both parties!

Japanese singles

Japanese Singles are available today

Online dating sites of Japanese singles are easy to find nowadays. Japanese dating services provide ways of finding Japanese singles without any fee. Many Japanese singles are available for dating online. It is fast, hassle-free, and safe. Thousands of Japanese singles are waiting to find their dream relationship to come true. Worrying whether ethnicity or culture will affect the dating process should not be an issue. Transcultural relationships are now accepted by the society norms and policies.

In visiting a Japanese singles web site, you should expect to fill out a form in order to create a profile. Do not be afraid of filling out the personal information. This will not be leaked out in public. Personal information will aid you in finding a Japanese singles of your preference. Most likely, form for creating your profile consists of name, nickname, city of residence, interests, hobbies, age, and your photo. Do not be discouraged if these are being needed for your profile. Having a good profile will fasten the process of searching the right online date for you.

Japanese singles are usually shy. In order for them to disclose themselves, they need to get to know their dates very well. One way they can do this is by looking at your profile. Other dating web sites are much easier. All that is needed are your preferences for an online date (e.g., age, interests, hobbies, etc.). Then, the web site will return a list of results wherein you will be selecting which of these Japanese singles web site is right for you for an online date.

Usually, a good Japanese singles dating web site has an intuitive search engine that permits users to specify some of the criteria they are looking for. Others even offer live chat rooms that will be a good place to get a glimpse of your potential online date. These and other services are offered at no cost in Japanese singles web site. But sometimes, you need to make sure that these Japanese singles web sites will supply protection in terms of privacy.

The most common characteristics of Japanese singles are their yellow color and oriental type of appearance. We cannot positively say that Japanese singles are still traditional in terms of relationships as the population of men and women joining web sites of online dating increases every day. They are polite, sweet, and charming. However, you can’t find Japanese singles inside bars or clubs because they usually do not talk to strangers and would much prefer online dating.

Japanese singles

Whatever it is that attracts men and women into online dating, it is also the same for Japanese singles. Online dating offers fast and convenient way of meeting other people. It is just a matter of introducing yourself to online users of dating web sites. If your personal qualities would meet their expectations, they would immediately contact you for your online date. It is best to show more of your friendly and accommodating qualities, as Japanese singles like this.

Asian Women Dating

Asian Women Dating

If your a man interested in asian women dating , there are few things you need to keep in mind if you want your date to be successful. First,  Asian women dating girls are very shy in nature and not as aggressive as western girls. They do not know how to fully express themselves, which sometimes gives an impression of them being a snob. But if you get to know them well, you’ll be mesmerize with their sweetness and lovely personality.

Be sure to take it easy on them and slow things down since when Asian women dating prefer it that way. Another thing that you need to remember is that Asian countries in general have history and culture very different from what western men grew up with. They are very old fashion in many ways.

At an early age, Asian women are already taught to help with household chores so that when they get married, they can serve and take care of their families well. They are also very religious and take their faith seriously. This is manifested in their practices such as going to church to hear mass every Sunday, observance of holy week where they abstain from worldly things, and offering of food for their deceased loved ones. One of the reasons why you should consider a date with an Asian woman is the fact that Asian girls are very loyal to their partners and have the sense of commitment of sticking it out with you whatever circumstances that may arise.

This is deeply rooted from their upbringing- the importance of having a happy and intact family. There’s even an old saying in some Asian culture that ‘Marriage is not like a hot rice that you eat and spit out when you get burned.’ So if you’re looking for a long-term relationship or if you just want to know how it feels to date an Asian girl, you can do so by searching the Internet for websites that will help you find the ideal asian women dating of your dreams.

Asian Women Dating

find asian wife

find asian wife

If you happen to find Asian wife, you have one of the best partners in the world. So true that many Western men  are marrying  and searching to find asian wife for marriage today in large numbers these days. There is a special chemistry between you and your love. Asian women are serious in seeking a true companion to grow old with. The Asian girls for marriage are general sought  from the pacific region from limits from all the Asian countries such as Japan, China, Philippines, Thailand, Korea just to name a few. When you are ready to find Asian wife, then you have to search Google for the right sites to find your love. Just type these specific words in the Search Engine of Bing, yahoo and Google, such as the Asian online dating, find Filipino wife, free Thai dating. The first 3 sites appearing on the first page of Google are the three popular Asian dating sites. You will have to join these sites and their free to find the best and to Asian wife for you.

find asian wife

Your beautiful Asian will start her new life with you in the United States; She will always keeps the good traditional habits like respecting her’s and elder ones, lots of support for her husband, and love for their  children. You are satisfied and there’s nothing else that you want of your Asian lady. She will  prepare and cook daily delicious meal for the family. She will be happy to sacrifice for her man and children. My hot Asian wife is wonderful because she wants a healthy marriage and wants to make me too happy. What my main point I’m trying to relay is that the majority Asian wives are beautiful and trustworthy. They are committed to you and do not like to leave after they are married with you. There is no wild or kinky side. After the marriage has begun, your Asian wife says to herself, this is my family. Your wife will want to support to maintain a strong stable family. No matter what she will do her all to to support her family, makes her  spouse happy and her children also with all her heart.

I am happy to know there are thousands of sites to find Asian wife who married to American men and came here to the usa to accumulate and build a happy interracial family. The American man are in love the their Asian spouses because of their slender small figures and long beautiful hair. The Asian women look younger than their age. In some situation, when you marry and you find Asian wife, she usually does not speak English well. The majority of the Asian women are not fat. They are usually 5 to 5 ’6 short. They are the most sought after Asian wives in the world which the men want to make a life with. Try traveling to Bangkok Thailand and you will definitely see lots of beautiful women. Whatever you do don’t give up! You will soon find the asian woman to make you happy.

Asian girls

Asian Girls beauty and Brains

Asian girls in this most modern world, all the people like to live in a good manner. They like to share their worries and happiness with good people who are both good looking and with good heart. The asian girls, which are as part of the region of Japan, like to spend their good time with full-hearted men. They will select the male members by knowing their overall personality and of course their looks too.

In the whole world, you will get many people, but still the people like to spend their time for dating, love etc with the Asian girls only. It is because of the specialty of the girls that living in the Asian countries. They have peculiar life style and a particular daily routine too. There are many ways to contact these types of girls. One of the main methods is the internet itself. You can get all sorts of ideas about the girls that staying in these sides of the Asian continent.

Mostly they need the picture of the person, who is going for dating. It will be more cute and impressive, if the professional photographers take the photographs. Better to avoid the photographs that taken with ex-girlfriends, family, and friend’s etc. You should take the photographs, which you are the single person facing for the camera. Asian girls do not like to contact or to chat with the men, who are not willing to show their picture profiles.

asian girls

They are also not interested to the persons, who are not responding to the style of their talk and their primary needs like showing still photographs, age, and the behavior etc. You can seek the help from your friend to take good posing photos that will give you more attraction and good looking too. These kinds of asian girls are available in Philippines, Thailand, China, Peru, Mexico etc. They are also looking for the people who wish to share their love, romance, dating and even for the family life.

Several websites are available to choose appropriate Asian girls as to meet and spend time with you, which will be the most memorable events in your life. Sometimes it will be the major turning point of your life. Both can understand each other and can tie up their lives in a smooth way. So people are you ready to join this to find your match.

Asian Dating websites

Asian Dating websites

Asian Dating websites

Find Authentic Japanese Dates on JapanCupid.com and Cherryblossoms.com

There are numerous dating websites available on the internet. Among these websites, it is hard to find the one that offers privacy with best features and should be ideal for safe online dating. The website should be popular enough to attract the authentic single men and women. There are two such famous websites such as the JapanCupid.com and the Cherryblossoms.com which help you find “the one” for you.


JapanCupid.com has brought together numerous Japanese singles from around the world, making it the most trusted dating sites for the Japanese. If you are looking for Japanese girls, this site will help you find them in an exciting and completely secure environment on JapanCupid.com. It is a premium international dating site to search for Japanese singles. It is not restricted to people from Japanese origin only. Anyone, from any part of the world can use the services to find a date. Finding a date has been made so easy nowadays- it is just a click away. JapanCupid.com is a part of the very popular and well-established network of the Cupid Media and it operates for more than 30 reputable niche sites meant for online dating. It has thousands of Japanese women who sign up every day and are interested in meeting new people, someone like you. This is one of the largest Japanese dating sites on the internet.

The services of this website come with a commitment to connect singles, despite the differences in location, cultures, language, etc. This is a site that caters exclusively to the people who want to date authentic Japanese men and women. Whether you desire for some local love or want to date someone internationally, this site helps to bring you closer to Japan.

There is another website that can help you create your successful Japanese love story- Cherryblossoms.com. It is a leading Japanese dating site to search for Japanese singles. It leaves behind all the cultural and language barriers. You can meet your ideal match with just a click. There are thousands of happy and contended singles who have found their love on this online dating site. This site is ideal for a fun-filled, safe as well as a unique dating experience. The best part is that you can join for free today.

Cherryblossoms.com is the one of the leading Asian dating website- be it Chinese, Japanese or Koreans. You can sign up for free today and can view about 70,000 single men and women with pictures on their profiles. With this free membership, you can even create a profile for yourself, you can send smiles and view profiles of other members. This site also helps you find personalized matches by asking top ten questions. It takes only a few minutes to become a member of this website and then you can start browsing through the member profiles to see thousands of singles who may be Chinese, Thai, Filipino, or Vietnamese Women who want to date online. So what are you waiting for? Grab your phones or laptops right now. This will surely result in you having the best time of your lives with beautiful women and handsome men, while sitting in the comforts of your homes.

hot asian girl

Tips To Flirt With A Hot Asian Girl

Be cool and calm and not too tense. Your goal here is to impress that hot Asian girl you have had your eyes on for a while. Here are a few tips. One of the best ways to get the chemistry started is – good eye contact. It is the place to start flirting. However, a bright and playful smile shows confidence and is a great way to start a spark with her.


As the saying goes, with excellent eye contact, you can actually form the strong physical touch as the “eyes, are the windows to the soul.” But the temptation to success is important you must first make physical contact in an emotional form.

The bottom line is to play your body language and grammar the right way. If you do the right thing, even this one, she, in fact, will open up too you in a positive manner, and once you get past this part it’s more easier to be yourself and your on your way to getting that girl you always wanted.

However, on a deeper subconscious level, she will feel comfortable with you physically, and began touching.

Consider this scenario for a moment and think about it…..

You go to a meeting or date with your hot Asian girl and you two are having a good time. It seems everything is going great. But that day, your plans will continue to the end of the night.

Be on time, leave for her house early. When you bring her to  your car open the doors for her … please don’t try to kiss her? Of course, when you want a first kiss, she may refuse don’t worry about … she may not yet be ready to kiss you. She a lady she doesn’t want to perceive she’s too fast.

Thus, in most cases, you end the evening hugging and shaking hands, you may kiss her cheek only if she’s feels comfortable.

Or with this situation? You sit down when you take a girl to the cinema, you want to put your arm next to her snuggle up to her … or … but it feels awkward, or uncomfortable. There is no need. So the next two hours, you … Do not touch her it may be against her wishes.

So, how do you achieve making your date go well with your hot Asian girl? Here are some ways:

# 1. Do not get make her uncomfortable. If you would like to hold her your hand, gently squeeze the hand, make sure your fingers are entwined with hers. While holding her hand, look at her in her eyes and give her you full attention.

Or you should talk to her, make contact with her eyes. Talk about your goals and what you want out of your life.

Hot Asian girls how to seduce # 2: If you’re sitting next too her, take a moment, too touch her hand. On the other hand, keep eye contact with her. This lets her know you’re interested and you are being gentlemen.

Just her back (gently) guide her through the door, and hold the door for her:

With these few tips you should have no problem getting the hot Asian girl you had your eyes on!

Pickup japanese girls in tokyo

Pickup Japanese girls in Tokyo

Pickup Japanese girls in Tokyo

To pickup  Japanese girl in tokyo, for guys who have managed to make it to the far eastern land of the rising sun- Japan, they must have enjoyed the sight-seeing, travelled on trains, spent a lot on good-for-nothing coffee, and so on. But your Japan will be futile if you don’t date a Japanese girl. Well, there is nothing to worry. If you have fancied dating and making out with a Japanese girl all your life. Then here’s your chance to grab and enjoy that opportunity. Follow the given steps to ensure you have a great time with your Japanese woman.

Be White or Black- it doesn’t matter. As long as you are a foreigner you can pickup Japanese girls in tokyo, in the Japanese capital, you have many options open for you- right from one-night-stands to dating. You can fulfill all your fantasies. But yes, all good things don’t come for free. And its going to be quite expensive especially if you are a foreigner.

Learning Japanese is not a predicament. The girls you would meet and date have basic knowledge of the English language and there wont be any difficulties in basic communication. Afterall, you are not meeting a girl just to talk to her. There are other important things you would want to focus on. For those, who think communication is the key, be ready to shell out more money for the sophisticated ones.

The city of Tokyo has many bars and pubs where tourists can pickup Japanese women in Tokyo. Roppongi is one such place. It has many pubs, bars and clubs where foreigners get great options to pick up girls. You can grab a drink at any of the bars at night and don’t bother looking interested in anything particular. You may chat with your friends or start a conversation with random people as well. The girls would come up to you sooner or later and will start the conversations with you on their own. If you are not good at fooling around, you should keep yourself low-key and try not to boast about your job or work. These girls come up to in return for money and gifts. You definitely would not want to spoil the fun if you can’t afford to have a one-night stand. Things can really turn filthy if you don’t pay them well.

Girls don’t like to be asked about their ages. But you can definitely observe and guess what their age would be.

When she looks like she must be twenty-two, then she’s fifteen.

When she looks like fifteen, then she would be around twenty-eight.

When she looks like twenty-eight, then she must be of the age of forty.

Nothing is difficult once you find the one. You just need to say how crowded that place is, and suggest her to go to a quieter and less crowded place. If she agrees, then you’re in! Tokyo’s Love hotels will give you shelter for the raunchiest nights. The girl of your choice will surely have a favorite one, you just have to empty your pockets and have one hell of a night.

asian girls

Asian girls-dating is popular now

Asian Girls

If you are inclined to establishing dating relationships with Asian girls, it is one of the easiest things to do these days. Just do it through the Internet in such websites like Friendster and other social networking groups now becoming more and more popular with the younger set. Asians, especially girls, compose 90% of Friendster’s registered membership of 115 million – topped by the Philippines followed by Indonesia, Malaysia and South Korea, according to Wikipedia.

The Net has spread like wildfire to these places and it is a common scene to see young women trooping to the Internet cafes in almost all locations to talk with their new men friends in America and Europe.

Asian girls are also interested in getting to know American men – regardless of age – as to them it is some kind of a status symbol to be the date of an American or a Westerner. In the Philippines especially, there are many American and Western men now going around with the girls, mostly young in age. They can be seen in malls, and in beach resorts which are open year-round, as there is no winter this country. And a date with a girl out in the beach is not an expensive thing at all – all kinds of beach establishments abound for the daters interested in pursuing the sun.

One can also notice these foreigners toting around cellular phones and typing out text messages in them, most likely “talking” to a young woman and arranging a date with her. The Philippines is known as the texting capital of the world now – if you plan of going there to pursue your love interest and a date you have earlier arranged over Friendster, be ready with a cell phone so you can easily communicate with your romantic target.

This page will guide you on the details for traveling to this country and on the best and cheapest places to stay, depending of course on what particular city or province your upcoming date stays.

If you want to get out of the winter cold now and hit the sunny beaches instead in the tropics, now is the time to pursue your dream of dating with an Asian girl. For easier communication in English, the Philippines could be a better choice – English is spoken by the majority of people there. You will not have any difficulty at all talking with a woman there or with anyone else, including the drivers of public transportation available.