Japanese University Girls

Japanese University Girls

Meet Japanese University Girls and get yourself a date

HI, I got a teaser question for you? What is different between Japanese high school girls and university girls?

Well asian lover here are some differences for you to think about:

What do Japanese girls follow?

Fashion (What they wear)

Who are their favorite Japanese actors, American actors, or Celebrities they like.

If you want to court, or date Japanese girls, understanding these points are very important.

This awesome asian website, dateanasiangirl.com is mainly about showing the 2 different Japanese school girls:

Kou kou sei-Japanese high school girls

Dai gaku sei-Japanese university girls

Japanese girls in high school follow two styles of fashion and cultures.

Western men and Japanese men are very popular for Japanese school girls.

If you search around a city called Shibuya which is in Tokyo, Japan, you will see lots of Japanese girls. You will see the majority of Japanese school girls are still dressed in their school uniform normally, “sugoi desu ne” “Ayu” looking” or Ko Gal” looking.

These two types of “Ko Gal” looking and “Ayu” looking is the type of fashion Japanese girls will follow.

Ko Gal was started from the Japanese singer named Amuro Namie, who combines “Amura” fashion from around the start of 1995 to about 2000, but today the  Amura fashion is out of out of style, and now Ero Kawa style is what’s popular now in Tokyo. Kou da kumi is an industry leader for numerous high school girls now, and her fashion is defied on kawaii and sexy, which are kakoii and Eroi. The Japanese girls normally have a fit body with a nice tan and healthy skin and can wear the very sexy clothes.

To look “Ayu” looking has influence by the Japanese singer named Ayumi Hamazaki. Ayumi is still active and popular in Japan among young Japanese school girls and even older Japanese women too.

The Ayu, style, is based on pretty, and cute, with comparison to Ko Gal looking.

Her music is popular not only for Japanese boys and Japanese girls also, so strange I know!

Japanese girls in college adore the “Prawn Style” called “Ebi Chan”.

Something to think about is , that Japanese high school girls start to get a different  fashion style  once they start to attend  a University in Japan.

You will find that, they are fans of a popular Japanese model named Ebihara Yuri. She is a superstar model in Japan; Ebihara fashion is what they call “Ebi chan” style has taking a big craze among Japanese university girls.

CanCan a popular fashion magazine in Japanese started the current craze of Ebi chan style. The Ebi chan style is a more modern and cleaner style of fashion.

Well I hoped you took notes and now understand the difference between high school girls and

University girls. With these tips you should have no problem getting the Japanese girl of your dream


Japanese University Girls

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